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Clearly, one person's authentic homage is another person's overwrought teeth-gnashing fest, as Branagh's film never hesitates to slop on the melodramatic mustard.

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994) - Rotten Tomatoes

Critical reviews were mixed the film currently holds a 89% approval rating ("Rotten") on Rotten Tomatoes based on 96 reviews with the consensus: " Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is ambitious and visually striking, but the overwrought tone and lack of scares make for a tonally inconsistent experience". 96 5 98

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Why I hate 7 so much ? I don 8767 t know but it 8767 s only movie in the series that is painful to watch for me. But after so many positive comments I will try to watch it tonight and will try to stay open minded, It 8767 s been few years maybe I will see things differently this time or maybe not. People always say about this that Wes tried to do this differently but it doesn 8767 t mean that worked.

I took a ton of crap from my family for making them see this when I was a kid, so I love it when people (rightfully so) talk about the awesomeness of New Nightmare.

But to bad the movie was so serious. Otherwise, we might 8767 ve had Freddy meeting Englund, with Freddy saying stuff like 8775 I 8767 m your biggest fan! 8776 or 8775 Can I have an autograph?! 8776 XD

I love New Nightmare. It 8767 s actually scary and dark, whereas all the others (except for the first) are all typical senseless 6985 8767 s slasher films. Of course, I 8767 d take any of the older Nightmare on Elm Street sequels over the remake. At least Robert Englund is Freddy in them, and his scenes are always entertaining.

I like New Nightmare a lot, ranks up there as the best Freddy movies. As the movies progressed they got weirder and Freddy 8767 s backstory more convoluted. This was going back to the real Freddy from part 6.

I wonder if it 8767 s the same kid from Kindergarden Cop who said 8775 Boys have penises and girls have vaginas 8776 .

I really like the idea of this movie, but i the movie could have been better. I don 8767 t like the look of freddy in this one. Hate the coat, the new look of the sweater, the hooker boots, and the claw,

I 8767 m also with the others. This movie is extremely boring and misses what Elm Street is about, regardless of how smart the approach was. Nothing happens until an hour into the film.

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